Jun 9 • 23M

Drones: A Journey into the Future

James Rogers is an expert on drones. In this interview he sets out a future where they are everywhere, explaining the challenges of realising their benefits safely and of preventing their misuse.

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How transport tech can go wrong and how to make sure it doesn’t
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This week it’s another podcast: I recently had the pleasure of a half hour chat with Dr James Rogers, who is Associate Professor in War Studies at the University of Southern Denmark and Special Advisor to the UK Parliament’s All-Party Parliamentary Group on Drones. In a wide-ranging conversation we discussed:

  • How and why Odense in Denmark has become Europe’s ‘Silicon Valley of Drones.’

  • The revolution underway in the use of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles, and what a world inhabited by them will look like.

  • The ease with which even amateur drone users can cause significant security issues.

  • The pace of innovation in commerical drone technology and the difficulties this arms-race is creating for those developing ‘counter-drone’ technologies.

  • The safety challenges for wider use of drones in commerical transport of goods and people, in particular ambitions to use existing transport arteries as the coridoors for drone movement.

  • The relative environmental footprint of drones compared with other modes of transport, and the desire for ‘net-zero’ drones, even in the military sector.

James is hugely knowledgeable and a great communicator: I really hope you enjoy the interview and find it informative. More of his views (in particular on the military use of drones) are available online including in his TED Talk, “The Edge of Drone Warfare.”

He also hosts the podcast History Hit: Warfare. Turn about is fair play, so if you’d like to hear an interview James did with me recently on an entirely different, military history topic you’ll find it here.


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